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buying a second-hand car

1. No reliable cars below RM5, 000

Any pre-owned cars that are selling at below RM5, 000 are mostly not reliable, even more if the cars exceed 10 years of age..

2. Down payment of more than 10%

A 10% deposit is a common requirement for the purchase of new cars though this may be waived for some cases or promotions..

3. Research/Survey

It is always imperative to conduct your own research and surveys prior to a purchase. Everyone should learn to be a smart consumer by making only informed decisions. And all these can be done conveniently, for example, websites such as

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Recent Listing

2015 Honda Odyssey RC1 MUGEN RARE

2015 Honda Odyssey RRM178,000

2012 Honda Odyssey 2.4 Absolute NFL

2012 Honda Odyssey 2RM143,000

2013 Honda Odyssey 2.4 RC1 Absolute

2013 Honda Odyssey 2RM172,000

2013 Toyota Wish 1.8 S

2013 Toyota Wish 1.8RM108,000

2013 Honda Odyssey 2.4 Absolute TEIN

2013 Honda Odyssey 2RM147,000

2013 Honda Odyssey 2.4 Absolute RC1 FULLSPEC

2013 Honda Odyssey 2RM170,000

2013 Honda Odyssey 2.4 M Aero

2013 Honda Odyssey 2RM133,000

2013 Honda Odyssey 2.4 M Aero RB4 Songkok

2013 Honda Odyssey 2RM120,000

2012 Toyota Wish 1.8 S

2012 Toyota Wish 1.8RM108,800

2015 Toyota Harrier Elegance PANAROMIC

2015 Toyota Harrier RM190,000

2012 Toyota Vellfire ZG FULLSPEC

2012 Toyota VellfireRM213,000

2013 Mercedes-Benz C200 CGI AMG Sport

2013 Mercedes-Benz CRM155,000

2012 Honda Civic 2.0 (A) i-VTEC Navi 40k KM

2012 Honda Civic 2.0RM77,998

2012 Honda CR-V 2.0 (A) IVTEC Modulo Leather

2012 Honda CR-V 2.0 RM79,998

2011 Perodua Alza 1.5 (A) EZi Leather SportKits

2011 Perodua Alza 1.RM34,998


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